That’s right, Jam Filled is opening a new 10,000 sqft studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia this fall! The quality of work coming out of our Ottawa and Toronto studios has made a big impression on the animation industry and Jam Filled is taking on more top tier projects than ever.

The best part? We’re looking for a crew to join us on this East Coast adventure! You’ll help build a new studio from the ground up, giving you the opportunity to move up the ranks much more quickly than you could at an already established studio.

If you’ve been to Halifax, you already know why we’re setting up shop there. We’re tellin’ ya, it’s gorgeous! Halifax is Canada’s second largest coastal city with a population of 431,000. You can get from desk to beach in just 20 minutes—surf’s up, amiright! Halifax has an amazing nightlife with bars and pubs pumping out live music every night. For wine and beer enthusiasts, there are numerous vineyards all within an hour’s drive and the city is filled with micro-breweries that offer tours and tastings. Speaking of tastings… coastal means that the seafood is FRESH, FRESH, FRESH! Imagine heading down to the local market and getting fish or lobster caught that day. Deeeelish!

Sounds pretty good, right? So, let’s talk practical details:

  • Busing in Hali is super easy. It’s only 30 mins to the City Centre from the suburbs.

  • The weather is great too. The summers are mild averaging at 24°C with very few hot and humid days. The winter’s low averages at only -8°C.

  • Housing costs are the best part. You can get a brand new, maxed out, modern three-bedroom, four-bath home on a half-acre lot. The best part? It’s just 8 kms away in Spryville and only $379,000.

  • Rent is also super affordable. You can get a downtown two-bedroom apartment for as low as $995/month or $800/month if you’re into a quieter lifestyle just a single bus ride further.

One final, surprising fact… Halifax is not where the fax machine was invented. Very misleading, I agree.

Here’s a link to help you discover more awesome things about the area:

We're excited to be hiring for ALL 2D positions. If you don't see a job post for you, apply anyway! Just be sure to include the job position in the subject line. Come have a pint with us at our upcoming job fairs. We'll be hosting in Ottawa, Toronto and Halifax.